Alaska Based Private Mortgage Investor


Thanks for visiting me online. I am an Alaska based Private Mortgage Investor. I have been continuously active in the real estate profession in Alaska since 1962. Therefore, I guess it is accurate to call me an “Old Dog.” But I am still learning new tricks, and thank the Lord for the privilege of still being active in a profession I enjoy!

Although I have recently retired from Real Estate Counseling and Appraising, I am still active in assisting Alaska property owners with creative financing solutions. Sometimes a bank or conventional mortgage lender does not have the flexibility to deal with complex real estate opportunities, but there are two ways that I may be able to assist you as described in the following paragraphs:

PRIVATE MORTGAGE INVESTMENT: As President of CA$H NOW Financial Corporation, I am involved in paying CA$H NOW for Seller Financed Real Estate Notes, and appraising private mortgages. To learn more about these activities, Click Here.

CREATIVE COMMERCIAL LOANS: CA$H NOW Financial Corporation is also a source of Creative Commercial Financing. To learn more about commercial loans and the products we offer, visit our website